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Grateful Dead Live at Dillon Stadium on 1974-07-31

Audio Preview

Grateful Dead Live at Dillon Stadium on 1974-07-31

Set 1

Scarlet Begonias
Me And My Uncle
Brown Eyed Women
Beat It On Down The Line
Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo ->
It Must Have Been The Roses
Mexicali Blues
Row Jimmy
Jack Straw
China Cat Sunflower ->
I Know You Rider
Around And Around

Set 2

Big River
Eyes Of The World ->
China Doll
The Promised Land
Ship Of Fools
Weather Report Suite Prelude ->
Weather Report Suite Part ->
Let It Grow Set . Seastones

Set 3

El Paso
Ramble On Rose
Greatest Story Ever Told
To Lay Me Down
Truckin' ->
Mind Left Body Jam ->
Spanish Jam ->
Wharf Rat
U.S. Blues
One More Saturday Night

Uncle John's Band

Collection GratefulDead
Band/Artist Grateful Dead
Venue Dillon Stadium
Location Hartford, CT

Source SBD -> Master Reel (7inch @ 7.5ips 1/2 Track) -> Dat -> CD D
Lineage CD -> EAC -> Samplitude Professional v7.02 -> FLAC
Transferred by Charlie Miller


Patch Info:
Reel flip in Row Jimmy and WRS Intro patched with Bill Degen's AUD
Unknown Mics -> Master Cassette -> Reel (7inch) -> Dat -> SHN

-- This is shnid 1019 cleaned up and patched.
-- Beginning of Scarlet is cut.


Reviewer: Mind Wondrin - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - December 1, 2015
Subject: Stadiumless @ crazy middle set

On a small gridiron pitch with bleachers and room for a couple thousand (there's no actual stadium) at Colt Park. They'd played it in '72 but would switch to the Civic Center for 18 shows from '77 to '90 (they played in Colt Park itself, across the street from the bleachers, in '76). From the AUD it doesn't sound like there were more than a few hundred attending, pero quién sabe? This is the show before the Philly shows (with the great Playin' the first night and the hot show the second). The show before (Cap Centre - Columbia District) was also great and was the 2012 Dave's Picks bonus disc.

This show is notable for a near-perfect second set (of three - not counting Seastones); one of the top sets of '74. That makes it almost 5 hours with intermissions, and helps explain why (unusually for '74) they repeated half the songs from the show before. Fear not that the 1st Set is average. Stick with it and hear a local park pitch in Hartford lose its terra adhesion. It wasn't a much-traded show for whatever reason but has come into its own since it's release as Dave's #2. Overall it's a '74 Top Twenty - maybe Top Ten.

First Set. One of only 2 shows that start with a Scarlet (Ally Pally #3), I always enjoy the end-workout of the '74 arrangement. Keith is awesome on Me & My Uncle. There's an average Beat it On Down the Line-dozen (Baker's for Keith) but the vox drop from the SBDs (try the matrix). It's a little rough after that (though Roses has a nice, non-dirge tempo) until Jack Straw kicks asses. China>Rider is a little too loose to be a '74 classic but Around finishes the set strong. Bobby's off-tune shouting notwithstanding, it's a smoker with Jer getting some off-the-usual licks, first with a blues scale solo, then with Berry double-stop and rhythm figures using added sevenths.

Second Set. Bertha isn't the tightest ever but the solo is so sweet-spotted it cures diabetics, Bobby's laying great fills and Phil is walking all over the place (awesome or frustrating? You decide!). Big River = good gods. '74 is lousy with great Eyes (Louisville, Winterland, etc.), and this is one of them. Phil is having a hell of a show and this one is just hard to believe. The band ends and Jer just keeps doodling alone until Billy recognizes China Doll. It's amazing how a Berry 3-chorder can be so different each night, but on this Promised Land Jer whittles the whole way through. Tidewater 4-10-09! Jer is on tiptoes for Ship, reaching deep. And Keith - wow. Weather Report>LiG is better the show before but the last five minutes are incredible.

Third Set. The band's just coasting at first with Jer understated and Donnaskreech™ on Greatest Story. But then the set blows wide with a Truckin'>Wharf that includes both Mind left AND Spanish jams. It starts sloppy but then takes off on the back of Mssr. Garcia. From Truckin' through the jam takes 32 minutes until a Wharf where Billy's the king (even though Jer first teases Wharf @11:00!). Fatigue then sets in - as it often did on the long ones.

1st Set:  B-
2nd Set: A+
3rd Set: C
Overall = 4 Stars

Me & My Uncle - check Keith here
Jack Straw - it all works
Around & Around - listen to Jer play it a little different
SET TWO - entire set is a must-hear
Truckin'>Wharf Rat - a Truckin' jam to a MLB jam to a Spanish jam to a Wharf separates a soccer pitch from the planet

SOURCES: Dave's Picks 2, like many of the SBDs, runs 1% fast - tolerable to most, I'm sure, and much less than we put up with in the blanx-n-postage days. The miller SBD is slightly better than DP2 but with the beginning of Scarlet cut (try the tobin matrix).
Reviewer: chris phillips - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - June 26, 2014
Subject: Hartford 1974
TLMD through Wharf Rat is a nice segment of the show.
Scarlet, Eyes and WRS are pretty nice.
Reviewer: Geoffsky - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 10, 2013
Subject: Sometimes i wonder
I'd love to know when sundown occurred on this day. I had the experience of seeing the dead play a few sunsets and it was seldom just a coincidence that the mood of the music was right on with the stars coming out to play.

Great show here. I come back to it a few times a year. takes a whole day of work and just makes it difernt!
Reviewer: GermanShepherd - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 11, 2013
Subject: Wharf Rat low note
First time I have noticed Bob dropping the end note lower on the classic Wharf Rat intro. I don't know the notes, maybe from an A to and E or something.
Reviewer: mickyrat - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - March 20, 2013
Subject: MLBjam
So good!
Reviewer: lp357 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 12, 2013
THank You!
Reviewer: direwolf600 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 1, 2012
Subject: Nice Once Here Charlie!!!
I often find myself unsure of whether I prefer a CM remaster to a very crisp original MSR, assuming the MSR is clean as Charlie always goes the extra mile to provide a patch if it exists somewhere. Best I can guess is I probably come down around 50:50. Some of the best Betty Boards for example, CM remasters are good, and do offer at least a noticeable change, and depending on what you are looking for in the source you plan to keep, that change will often equal an upgrade. I've tried out every remaster, matrix, and whatever else has popped up over the years, and still find the unadulterated Betty reels of Cornell to be the absolute peak source of that show...and its not even close, but that is just me.

Why am I going on about all this, because CM's remaster of 7/31/74 is sublime, powerful, just right in virtually every way. The MSR that has been available on LMA forever is stellar. Really, one of the very very best(clean ^ crisp/pops) SBD recordings there is from the WOS era. It does not feature any of the flatness, or un-ignorable high hiss that malign so many other 73-74 sources. It's only flaws are a few random cuts, that really have zero impact on taking in the show. I wasn't expecting to prefer Charlie's, but I thought I'd better check it out since this stream will be a thing of the past within the month. If you get there in time, scoop this up before its too late. We should have a little time as 5/25/77 is slotted for release first.

Aside from the sound issues, this is one of those shows where you don't need to wonder if what you see on paper will deliver on its potential. This is a monster night that stands out near the highest peaks that the 73-74 GD ever reached. A must for all!
Reviewer: zzzboxofrainzzz - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - December 22, 2011
Subject: First show..... and still making me smile
Not yet a mega fan, I knew a fair tunes from listening to my best friend's older bothers' copies of Workingman's, American Beauty, Live Dead and Europe '72 when he off took for a semester in Europe and left us 15 year olds behind to wallow through his music collection [as we'd done 5 years earlier as 10 year olds when he went up to Woodstock]. So when a friend that had moved to CT called to say he had an extra ticket for the Dead at Dillon Stadium, I figured "why the hell not". Best snap decision I ever made. Not only was this show a mind blowing affair for me, it started me on my own long,strange trip. One that I wouldn't trade for the world. So many shows, so many great tunes, so many life long friends, so many smiles, so much peace and love. All thanks to one phone call and a train ride from NJ to Hartford. Nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile.....
Reviewer: Pangolin22 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 26, 2011
Subject: Spectacular
So excellent that I won't even bother picking favourites. Perfection from start to finish. Thanks again, Charlie Miller.
Reviewer: rschwz28 - favoritefavorite - February 9, 2011
Subject: Playing In The Band?
I can't find Playing In The Band.

This concert reminds me of why I am not enamored of much live Dead after Ron's passing (early '73)
Reviewer: thebone - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - September 2, 2010
Subject: Beyond Impressive
I am becomning a bigger fan of '74 all the time. Really like Keith's keys(both piano and MOOG) during the Wall of Sound period, and this show in particular.

Among the numerous highlights are China> Rider (incl. soaring, flawless transition jam), a big dreamy Eyes, and WRS. Of course, the pinnacle is the Truckin> Mind Left Body Jam> Spanish Jam. Really great improvisational stuff!!
Reviewer: kazzzz - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - August 29, 2010
Subject: Love it
Jazzy, 3-set, classic '74 show. Miller recording is exceptional. One of the best!
Reviewer: CosmicGeordie - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - June 11, 2010
Subject: Great Mix
Aside from the other great accolades for this show, the mix is particularly amazing -- especially Billy's drums.

The floor toms seem like they were mic'ed deep, a la Sgt. Pepper style. Regardless, the bottom-end of this show features joyous interplay between Billy and Phil.
Reviewer: snoochieboochies - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 7, 2010
Subject: Twice Baked
Eyes as wide open as they'll go, eyeballs bulging out to there, grinning from ear to ear, tongue wagging at the one side of my mouth, tears streaming down my face as i grip the edge of my seat, white-knuckled, frequently standing to spin round like a top... BOING!!! I love this show.
Reviewer: BIG_R - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 10, 2009
Subject: 7-31-74
Sweet! Nice job on the remaster by Charlie. There were some unfixable glitches but it still sounds great.
Reviewer: oh_uh_um_ah - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 31, 2009
Subject: The GRATEFUL DEAD "Live On Stage" July 31, 1974 at Dillion Stadium, Hartford, Connecticut, United States of America


~This Day in GRATEFUL DEAD History~

The GRATEFUL DEAD were in Harford today, 35 years ago...if you weren't old enough to be at this show you probably don't have a clue what 1974 was like.

I couldn't be there in 1974, but I showed up today to listen to the show, where were you?

5 Stars for the mix, recording, performance, and transfer. It's a Charlie Miller transfer. If you haven't clicked on Charlie Miller's name and collected his GRATEFUL DEAD shows, you should...I did.

I recommend using your EQ during playback of most of the shows on the IA, this one included.

Windows Media Player has a 10 band EQ and SRS WOW effects that enhance the sound.

Here's one way to download this show:

The IA recommends users of Windows XP view this web-page with RealPlayer.

RealPlayer is a free media player you can download at

Using RealPlayer to view this webpage, click the VBR M3U link to open the songs in the Playlist. If your Playlist is not open, open it by clicking the Playlist icon at the lower right hand corner of RealPlayer.

Once the songs are in the Playlist, double click the song to play it, then click the record button at the lower left hand corner of Realplayer to record it.

When the red line reaches the other end click the stop button to download the song. Your song is in the RealPlayer Downloads folder.

Repeat these steps for each song.

Eat, Drink, Be Merry and Listen to the GRATEFUL DEAD.

Thanks for the LOVE from 1974.
Reviewer: whirlwind dreamer 65-95 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 31, 2009
Subject: 74 new england!!
the groovy music is rightious!!! listen for yourself!! its far out!!~
Reviewer: gagas - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 9, 2009
Subject: 74' Dead
Nothing beats a good sounding Wall of Sound.

The show comes out with guns blazing and really gives you a full dose of prime GD music. Everyone seems to be into this show and 3 sets make this a must have for any deadhead. Highlights include a 18 minute Eyes and a great Truckin'-->Jam. The only flaw is in the recording but nothing over the top to take away for the great tunes. Overall 4 1/2 stars. If Dark star was played it would have been 5 but hey there is always tomorrow to find that hidden jewel of a show.

Reviewer: lchange46 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 16, 2009
Subject: super show
how can anyone judge this show .
take it for what it was phenomenal ..
the whole band was into they were backstage just lit up with laughter. everything was working on this sunny afternoon into the night ..
did anybody else see the guy in the red coat ? LOL ...this show was a grateful dead wrapped gift for the summer .if you never seen the wall it was a monster ,, anyway just listen and play it loud
5 stars
Reviewer: BVD - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - March 28, 2009
Subject: You Had to See It To Believe It
This was the 2nd time I saw them at Dillon Stadium. First time was in July 72. But this time they were dwarfted by the WOS. What a fucking monster! When it worked right it was phenominal. It worked right this LSD drenched afternoon into night. Nostalgia pushes this show to a five star performance. Wrapping it up with UJB was the capper to a long day of Dead.
Reviewer: Evan S. Hunt - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - March 28, 2009
Subject: One Of The Most Unusual Shows Ever
In just under 4 hours, this is one of the most unusual shows they ever did. Jerry on the original Wolf shines on all three full sets plus a humor-drenched, Phil-dominated Seastones.

Each set was like a half of a normal first set and a half of a normal second set. All the songs are good minus a few slops and clams and the recording has various glitches and drop outs, but it really delivers on the important stuff. There is lots of innovative jamming throughout.

Set 1: China>Rider: Jerry flames toward the end of China Cat and carries it through to grand finale.
Set 2: Eyes> Stronger Than Dirt > China Doll > Ship >WRS > WRS2 > LIG. Relentless. One of the finest and most well-developed WRS' of all time.
Set 3: TLMD, Truckin'>Mind Left Jam and Spanish Jam. Astounding, mesmerizing, captivating.

One of my favorite shows of 1974. One of the unheralded great shows of all time.
Reviewer: SavannahDeadHead - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - February 11, 2009
Subject: my first show
I was 14 and loved the show. I was stunned at how long and graceful it was. A most amazing and fun experience!
Reviewer: Winsome_Holstein_Nebuula - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - August 1, 2008
Subject: Here Comes Sunshine From The Balcony
Happy Birthday, Jerry! We miss you a lot and pray that you've found that limitless taproot of X Factor Jams out there in Light of The World.

There's a lot s cool stuff happening today in your honour and MG is gonna be in Baltimore to swank it up for a Dead Symphony.

Betty n' Bob both have cool new gigs and Dan is still playing and pushing the curve.

Bobby is still, and always will be, Bobby.

Phil is keeping the flame alive and dong yeoman's work to keep fun and weirdness in music.

Anyway, Buddha Man, just wanted to drop a line here to say thank you, so much. You gave us all you had, and all you had was so much. Thanks for leaving to door open for so many to travel the many roads you showed us.

Yeah, yeah, I know: You just wanna play. Well, we still just wanna listen.

God bless, take care, many hugs, Happy Birthday! Say Hi to Pig.
Reviewer: Zaorish - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - August 1, 2008
Subject: Absolutely Flawless
Half Step is stellar...
To Lay Me Down is flawless...
A perfectly drummed, rockin' China Rider..
An excellent Playin' in the Band...
A long, jazzy Truckin...
And, what a beautifully cheerily mournful MLB Jam...

Straight through to the end, this show has not a fault anywhere.

Upon reflection, though, I think this show, and GD shows in general, work better when the jams are not all separated into separate tracks. I recommend downloading the version of this that has Truckin>Mlb>Spanish lumped into one track. This is because the whole is far, far greater than the sum of its parts.

But five stars anyway, because you need any copy of this show you can find.
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